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The Intersphere Kemper Pack


Includes 19% MwSt.
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Audio Examples:

01.THC basic & THC Cab with different pedals in front

02. THC basic

03. VOX AC30 basic

04. Twin reverb diamond bor

05. Marshall800 crunch

06. THC wurm

07. VOX Nighttrain

08. Marshall800 crunch open back

09. Marshall800 gain

10. Marshall800 high gain

11. Mesa Heartbreaker clean open back

12. Mesa Heartbreaker clean

13. Mesa heartbreaker gain

All the basic guitar sounds of The Intersphere

The Kemper Pack includes 46 Amp profiles with 6 amps and 4 cabinets.
Check the Product PDF for detailed information on the profiles, amps, cabinets & the signal chain.


  • THC Sunset Head
  • Vox AC 30 Handwired Head
  • Marshall JCM800 Lead Series
  • Mesa Heartbreaker Head
  • Fender Twin Reverb 2×12 Combo
  • Vox Night Train Head


  • Mesa 4×12 Rectifier Standard (Celestion Vintage30)
  • THC Sunset Cabinet 4×12 (Celestion Century Vintage/ Jensen Neofin)
  • Kammler Open Back 1×12 (Celestion G12 Alnico Gold)

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