Interspheres >< Atmospheres Anniversary Tour

We’ll make it short: The Interspheres >< Atmospheres Anniversary Tour is cancelled and will not be postponed again. The reason is obvious, because the current situation with Covid makes a realization of the shows in January pretty much impossible. On the one hand there are the respective requirements and restrictions from the authorities. On the other hand, we don’t think it is justifiable to party with many people in sweaty clubs while health care workers have long since exceeded their stress limits. Such a tour requires a lot of planning and preparation, both for us and for the teams of the clubs and all others involved. With a heavy heart we had to make this decision now, in order to create the greatest possible clarity for all of us. All tickets can be returned at the point of purchase.

We hope for your understanding and assure you that it is extremely difficult for us to take this step together with everyone involved behind the scenes. The album means a lot to us, which is why we’re putting our heads together at our camp to see how we can still honor it in the coming months.

Speaking of the coming months: We’re also not postponing the tour again because we have big plans for the new year - including you, of course! We’re looking ahead, so let’s do everything we can to say goodbye to this virus and enjoy what comes next together!

Stay safe,
Christoph, Moritz, Thomas and Daniel

The Grand Delusion

Guitar Edition

We are proud to present the The Grand Delusion Guitar Edition! The Guitar Edition contains everything you need to know to play all the songs from the album on guitar. Tabs for all Songs of the album (PDF & Guitar Pro), all the secret tunings, Playalongs for each guitar and without any guitars at all & tons of tips, background info regarding the guitar sounds, recordings & tunings from the album.

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Kemper Pack

All the basic guitar sounds of The Intersphere

We have profiled all our current amps with our amp settings and created various basic settings in several gain levels. This includes our current live amps, meaning the THC Sunset and a hand-wired Vox AC30, as well as a Marshall JCM800, a Mesa Heartbreaker, a Fender Twin Reverb and a Vox Night Train50 which were also used for doubling and special sounds on our productions.

The Kemper Pack includes 46 Amp profiles with 6 amps and 4 cabinets.

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TI @ Patreon

We are super excited to announce that we started our Patreon Community.

If you are not sure what the hell Patreon is and why we are doing this, just hit the play button on the video and checkout our Patreon channel.

We will give you deep insights into the band, create special content like deep dives into our productions and our working methods, tutorials, playthroughs and much more. We also want to get in touch with you and initiate many more actions to shape and walk our future path together with you.

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Upcoming Shows

22 JAN 2022

Dresden - Beatpol

!! Cancelled !!



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