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Released long time ago...

Including the song "i zoo", which is not available anymore.



With their debut album “s.o.b.p.”, The Interesphere had already created a small sensation in the German rock scene. They mix art rock with alternative. Powerful and post-rock-modern, their sound creates the image and smell of thrashing mobs in sweaty t-shirts in small clubs and on summer festivals. Especially since The Intersphere, with all their infatuation with experimentation, have never let themselves be distracted from the essence of a good song: fabricating melodies that anchor themselves a little deeper into your subconscious the more often you hear them.

Recorded and produced by Christoph Hessler and the intersphere at popakademie Studio Mannheim, summer 2006
Mastered by Hendrik Wilhelms at anixe.tv

Re-mixed by Christoph Hessler summer 2009
Mastered by Marko Schneider at skywalk